Malin Sofrone

Product designer

Dead hero gets a job

Man, we’re living an age of speed. I guess nobody these days takes too much time to read so they use robots. Of course I’m making a generalization.
So I’ve built this small commemoration website for an anti-communist hero who died in 1989 and I still help with the admin management. And one of these days, on the official email address we get this:
“Good morning!
We liked your CV and we decided to interest you in a job in our company. We specialize in business management consulting.” (and then it goes on about the salary and all that).

Of course the man couldn’t have sent any emails cause he’s been dead for more than 25 years. And the funny thing is that I myself was looking for work at that time and couldn’t seem to something, but our hero here gets offers even though he is not among ourselves anymore.

And I got 2 emails with same message because they thought that maybe I was not convinced the first time. But jokes aside, this goes to show that you either take the time to examine what you send and to whom or at least invest in a better software (for spamming?).

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