Malin Sofrone

Product designer


About me

Hi! I am Malin Sofrone.
I am a product designer, working with an amazing team within Inventorum, in Berlin, Germany. We are doing collaborative design and I am lucky to work with very smart people.

I believe great design solves problems, improves lives and is enjoyable.

I am a great fan of Seth Godin, especially the concept of tribes, connection economy and how we tell ourselves the stories we need.

I graduated from the Transylvania University of Brasov with a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Design. During my engineering studies I learned about visual and technical disciplines. It’s here where I’ve learned that design has to communicate with a purpose and how art can complement it.

What I do:
Mainly, it’s product design. But in the past I also did things like: branding & identity, information visualisation (infographics), exhibition design, architectural and product visualisation, naming, print, packaging & labels, signage, some writing, website design.

About the work style

As an visual designer with several years of experience and business thinking, I love to work with passionate people. I view projects multidisciplinary and keep focus on the big picture.

I take the patience to understand the project and the business in order to provide the best suited solution and something that gets the message over to the people using the product or service.
And above all, I love to develop long-term relations with my people.

Client testimonials:
“Great outcome, painless process. One happy customer. He’s a great designer that I thoroughly recommend.”– StructuralStudio, Australia

“It is guys like this that make my life easy. I worked with Malin on various projects and like other projects, this web design was so cool.”– Jack S., UK

“Malin was very responsive and has put a great deal of effort to create this work for us. I was a pleasure to work with him.”– Stuart B., Australia.

“The visual identity Malin created has exceeded our expectations! He has patient and walked us through the design process, taking the time to teach us why we should take a certain decision.” – Amanda I., US

Here are some of the clients I’ve worked with.

Inventorum, High Contrast, Springer Marketing and Advertising, Xeltek, Mercury Creations, Innovative Technologies, Europanet, The Open Network for Community Development, Europanet MKOR, Trustable Services, TBP Women’s Alliance, Go Dharmic, Micazook, DCU General Consult, Flemish Romanian Network, FDAAM, Arcas Wood, Business Recovery, Trinity Technology Group, Custom Glass Products, American Truetzschler, Collins Realty, AGLT – Asociatia Grupurilor Locale de Tineret, Coressi Residence, Flat Rock Tool & Mold, Halo, Dana Bands, Milspec, Dashboard Blue band, Mccoy Machinery, IGC Solutions and others.

See what I think by reading the blog.